Intermediate Course on decorative finishes

To become a venetian applicator it’s not a quick fix, its more of a journey…. investing in yourself, being creative and finding your passion!

When you have already attended our 3 day Introductory course you will have the fundamental knowledge giving you a really good understanding about Venetian/decorative finishes. Naturally you will ask what I should do next? We highly recommend that your Next big step is the Intermediate course.

5 Day Intermediate Course on Decorative finisheswill be taught by one of our more experienced loggia approved applicators. You will be taught a range of very important techniques which will give you the experience to create not only the finishes shown, but to go and create bespoke finishes for your clients.

What you will learn

    • The advanced venetian course runs over five days, We have handpicked 10 amazing finishes showing you a range of important Venetian polishing techniques to take you from beginners to advanced!

      You will learn

      • Stencilling
      • Rust finish
      • Oxidation
      • Stipple drag techniques
      • Different techniques on applying metal
      • Colour blending with metallics products
      • Learning how to colour wash
      • How to apply polished stone
      • Travertino effect
      • Concrete and liquid metal finish (Bi Plasma Metal

This course is giving you a vast range of products under your belt which you’ll be excited to start showcasing straight away. All finishes we have chosen our up to date with the current market / colour trends.

You will leave the course with the confidence & knowledge and also the capability of creating these finishes.

As we are the sole distributors for Loggia and Marmorino Tools It’s in our best interest to get you as experienced and knowledgeable with the products and tool on the market today, and become an important client as well as part of our community.

5 day intermediate Venetian plaster course

Once you’ve have done the introductory and the Intermediate course, to further your knowledge and skills we would then recommend attending other courses that are focused just solely on a particular products/products like the courses below-

    • Metallics course
    • Monolith course (Microcement)
    • Riflesso (highly polished course)
    • Plasma3d (marbling and liquid metal)
    • Succo Antico Course

There are so many more opportunities that will open up once you have attended the courses, you will have the chance to be invited to our Master class courses either here in the Uk or in Italy.

Being taught from the masters themselves, learning from the best in the world!!

All of this is leading up to becoming a Loggia/ Italiano stucco Approved applicator. With this you will be recognised worldwide.