Monolith Microcement Course

This is our single component Microcement based product which is ready to use, so no mixing and measuring!

You’ll get to learn all about monolith over the course of two days, this product range is massive with bathrooms and kitchens right now enabling the applicator to create an industrious look and feel in the space.

We’ll teach you how to apply the product correctly, where it can be used & how to prepare the surfaces prior to starting work so you can deliver a finish that stands up to the test of time, you’ll get time to experiment with the different trowel techniques using Marmorino Tools Microcement Trowels to apply so you feel confident to take this product range out into the world.
There are many ways you can design your installation using this Microcement product and our 62 base colours, plus the additional metal powders & blending options we can use to achieve two tones and gradient fades within your surface designs so you can provide your customers with their desired outcome and vision to transform their spaces.

A plasterer taking care of his work during monolith mircrocement course
two teams study each others work during a Venetian plastering course

During the two days we cover how to correctly applicate in bathrooms, kitchens, floors or just as decorative feature walls, Learning about the different finishes of sealers to protect your monolith microcement.

The possibilities with this product range are varied & not having to mix up multiple parts makes it a lot more user friendly than some of the other products out there on the market.

By the end of the course, you will have three quality sample boards to take away and show to prospective customers to help you secure work, showcasing three different finishes and colours from this product range.

Whilst at the studio we’ll cover some booth work giving you the chance to try your hand at internal and external corners, if you’ve not done anything like this before don’t worry as the tutor will be on hand to offer guidance throughout the process and provide feedback as you go.

This course if perfect for you if you are looking to get into the world of Microcement but don’t have experience of using it, you’ll be able to open up your options for work using products that clients are actively seeking but also want an easy to work with product range that removes a lot of the user error involved with mixing up multiple components in exact ratios


  • You don’t need any tools as we supply everything you need  during the course.
  • You also get a 10% discount when purchasing tools on the day.
  • We supply refreshments on course days
  • You will be eligible for a 10% discount on products once you have completed a course (this is an ongoing discount)
  • Included on each course is a booklet with all information of what you have learnt, also included is a priceless and product information on all loggia products.
  • You take home all your boards to show potential customers

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