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We are thrilled to introduce a personalized learning experience dedicated solely to you. Unlike group classes, these exclusive sessions cater specifically to your needs, ensuring you receive the utmost attention and tailored guidance.
The benefits of our one-to-one courses are unparalleled, allowing you to progress at your own pace and focus on areas that matter most to you.
While the price may be higher, the value you gain from this individualized approach is immeasurable.
Our expert instructors will be fully devoted to maximizing your learning potential, making every moment count. Invest in yourself and unlock your true potential with our premium one-to-one courses today!


At Italiano Stucco, we take pride in offering an exclusive one-to-one approach across all our courses, ensuring an unparalleled learning journey tailored to your unique preferences and skill level. Let’s delve into the array of captivating courses we have designed especially for you

Venetian plaster course

1. **2-Day Infinito Course:** Immerse yourself in the world of textured finishes with our Infinito course. Focused solely on the exquisite coarse Marmorino called Infinito, you will master the art of creating captivating textures that breathe life into your surfaces.

2. **2-Day Stucco Antico Course:** Experience the sheer elegance of polished finishes as you work with the exquisite acrylic product, Stucco Antico. Our Stucco Antico course will equip you with the skills to achieve a smooth, luxurious finish that leaves a lasting impression.

3. **1-Day Metallics Course:** Unleash your creativity with our Metallics Course, dedicated solely to exploring the enchanting world of metallic plasters. Learn to add a touch of sophistication and allure to your creations with the radiant gleam of metallic accents.

4. **2-Day Plasma Marbling and Veining Course:** Delve into the art of marbling and veining with our Plasma Course, using yet another marvelous acrylic product. This hands-on experience will empower you to craft mesmerizing patterns that resemble natural stone veining and marbling effects.

5. **3-Day Introductory Course:** Our comprehensive introductory course is a must for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Gain invaluable insights into the world of Venetian plaster as you learn and apply four different finishes, including the 3 Marmorino’s- Fine, Medium & Coarse, the versatile armouring plaster, and the dazzling metallic finish.


infinito course
one to one courses
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As a special bonus, you get to take home the boards you create during the course, allowing you to cherish your masterpieces and showcase your progress.

Embrace the artistry and finesse of Venetian plastering with our exclusive one-to-one courses. Our dedicated instructors will be with you every step of the way, providing personalized attention to refine your skills and bring out your inner creativity. Enroll now and unlock your true potential in the captivating world of Venetian plaster!

To enquire about one to one courses please email or contact Paul on 07719035305