Micropox Microcement Course NEW FOR 2024!!

This is a new Epoxy based Microcement product manufactured in Spain
MICROPOX microcement Course 18/19 April


Micropox’s innovative technology combines strength, resilience, and aesthetic appeal.


With 50% less sanding  and scratch resistance, high chemical resilience, and optimal adhesion, Micropox exceeds industry standards, offering cost-effective and long-lasting flooring solutions.


Ecopox also boasts an impressive mechanical resistance of 171 MPs

Embark on a comprehensive Two day epoxy Micro Cement course, equipping you with essential knowledge to seamlessly apply and capitalize on your skills.

Delve into detailed insights on diverse substrates, including concrete and wooden floors, tiles, applications in wet rooms, sinks, shower trays, worktops, and external areas.

Gain proficiency in internal and external corner applications, and master the installation process.

We will also be covering expansion joints, silicone application, self-leveling techniques, and working on larger areas.

Eliminate the need for making samples for customers by receiving your own live colour chart samples cards in a Micropox briefcase box, with options to purchase A4 size sample boards showcasing various colours on a bigger scale.

Explore the expanding color range, ensuring you’re well-prepared to elevate your expertise in the world of Microcement.

We’ll teach you how to apply the product correctly, where it can be used & how to prepare the surfaces prior to starting work so you can deliver a finish that stands up to the test of time, you’ll get time to experiment with the different trowel techniques using Marmorino Tools Microcement Trowels to apply so you feel confident to take this product range out into the world.
This Microcement product and  their live colour chart with 48 choices, you can provide your customers with their desired outcome and vision to transform their spaces.

micropox microcment bathroom
micropox microcment

During the two days we cover how to correctly applicate on wall’s and floors in bathrooms, kitchens, or just as decorative feature walls, Learning about the 3 different systems available and the sealers to protect your micropox microcement.

By the end of the course, you will have quality sample boards to take away and show to prospective customers to help you secure work, showcasing different finishes.

Whilst at the studio we’ll cover work in our custom built booth’s, either wall and floor, giving you the chance to try your hand at internal and external corners, if you’ve not done anything like this before don’t worry as the tutor will be on hand to offer guidance throughout the process and provide feedback as you go.

This course if perfect for you if you are looking to get into the world of Microcement but don’t have experience of using it, you’ll be able to open up your options for work using products that clients are actively seeking in their home environment as well as business premises.


  • Learn how to apply micropox on wall’s and floors with hands on experience in the booths.
  • Learn about the 3 systems and where best to use each one depending on circumstances.
  • You don’t need any tools as we supply everything you need  during the course.
  • You get a 10% discount when purchasing Marmorino tools on the day.
  • We supply refreshments on course days
  • Included on each course is a booklet with all information of what you have learnt, product information on all the micro pox systems, substrate information,
  • Also included is a micro pox T-shirt, pricelist and a notebook and pen to jot down your own notes during the course, and you’ll be given your own colour chart briefcase as pictured below, this is a live colour chart to show your customers, saving you time and money not having to make sample boards!
  • You take home all your boards you have worked on on the course.
  • Acquire essential knowledge for seamless application and immediate monetization
  • Explore applications on various surfaces, including concrete and wooden floors, tiles, wet rooms, sinks, shower trays, worktops, and outdoor areas
  • Master internal and external corner applications
  • Learn effective pricing strategies and work generation techniques
  • Gain proficiency in the installation process, covering expansion, joints, silicone application, self-leveling, and working on larger areas
  • As an extra we have A4 size sample boards with all the range of colors for purchase at £10+vat each.
  • Also available is the Micropox sample kit, if you are wanting to take the products home to practise, this is priced at £85+vat and includes – primer, the bases to use, and 2 different sealers.
ecopox microcement colour chart
Micropox microcment worktop
Micropox microcment floor in a business

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