Plasma 3D Marbling, Veining & Liquid Metal Course

This course has been designed so that you can get a good understanding & hands-on experience with this product range which can be used just about anywhere, it’s an acrylic based product made up of special synthetic resins giving it naturally waterproof properties.
plasma 3D marbling & veining course

During the two days on our Plasma 3D Marbling, Veining & Liquid Metal Course you will cover some of the theory & underpinning knowledge you’ll need in order to confidently be able to take it out into the world & customers’ homes, learning how to tackle any substrate or design style you wish to achieve.

It’s extremely versatile product that behaves like nothing else we’ve seen or used before & is definitely one of the trickier ones to get the hang of, so regardless of your previous background or tool experience you’ll find that everyone tends to start at the same level here!

plasma 3D marbling & veining course

Once you’ve gained the skills from this course you could take this product out to applicate in wet rooms, kitchens, furniture & even doors, producing some truly eye-catching surface designs in the process.

During the Plasma 3D Marbling, Veining & Liquid Metal Course you will be creating 4 sample boards to take home using:

    • Plasma 3D; You will be applying either a white or black background, than creating another tone to give the marble effect on the board, also incorporating veining using our specialised brushes, (recommended for walls)
    • Bi plasma 3D;  You will be applying a similar process to the plasma 3D, were you will have a light base or a dark base, But with Bi Plasma 3D which is a 2 component and slightly different in the finishing result, so the veining process will be carved out using our hook tools (recommended for floors, worktops, wet rooms, walls)
    • Bi plasma 3D metal; you will be applying on 2 boards, 1 board will be entirely metal, the other will be incorporated with Bi plasma so you can get the confidence of blending these two products together.
plasma 3D marbling & veining course

The Plasma range

This range is extremely tough & durable yet retains an element of flexibility within it, making it suited to such a range of surfaces, it can have sealers applied over the top also to further enhance finishes & protect the installation.

With a base range of 1000 colours, plus all the additives, shade variations & texturing the range of possibilities in design are seemingly endless which s why this is rapidly becoming one of the hottest product ranges available in the marketspace, our supplier is constantly looking for ways to improve & evolve the range too so it will only keep getting more expansive.

During the two days;

At our training centre in Southport, we’ll also show you some of finishes & installations others have produced using this range of products so you can get inspired & gain further ideas for your own designs.

As with any of our training courses we want you to be successful when taking this range out to the real world, so we’ll support you along the journey & have a community of applicators for you to tap into for help & ideas. 

For those who have attended this course we will also be offering masterclasses & advanced training within this range at a later date, so if you’re keen to find out more than drop us an email to show your interest as places will fill up quickly


  • You don’t need any tools as we supply everything you need  during the course.
  • You also get a 10% discount when purchasing Marmorino tools on the course days.
  • We supply refreshments on course days
  • You will be eligible for a 10% discount on products once you have completed a course (this is an ongoing discount)
  • Included on each course is a booklet with all information of what you have learnt, also included is a pricelist and product information on all loggia products.
  • You take home all your boards to show potential customers

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