Stucco Antico Veneziano course

This course has been designed so that you can get a good understanding & hands-on experience with this product range which can be used just about anywhere, it’s an acrylic based product made up of special synthetic resins giving a high reflective finish!
nahue Mirabal stucco antico course

The Best Polished Plaster Course

During the two days we’ll cover some of the theory on where to apply the product and the knowledge to prepare on different substrates to create these finishes in customers’ homes, learning the styles on offer you wish to achieve.

Stucco antico is a product that is acrylic based, but creates the a most immense shine from using different techniques.

This product is easier to use compared to the traditional polished lime plaster’s out there we are used to using, and can be applied in as little as 1 Day, saving time and increasing revenue for yourself!

Stucco Antico course

Stucco Antico Course Promoting Creativity

This range is extremely tough & durable yet retains an element of flexibility within it, making it suited to such a range of surfaces, it can have sealers applied over the top also to further enhance finishes & protect the installation. The colour brochure is the impero which is the same as quite a few of our products so makes it handy as you don’t need to carry a bundle of brochures! During the two days at our training centre in Southport, we’ll also show you some of finishes & installations that Nahuel Mirabal from Argentina applied for us whilst he was over doing his master class course here in Southport to help you see and get further ideas for your own designs. As with any of our training courses we want you to be successful when taking this range out to the real world, and we feel confident you will achieve this!

During the Stucco Antico Veneziano course you will be creating 3 sample boards to take home using different techniques

    • Creating samples with 2 to 3 tones of colour so you can really let your imagination flow
    • Also creating a more subtle finish with just one tone so customers can visualise this in their own homes
    • Metallic wax will be applied to show you how this gives another dimension to finish again!

Each step of the process is covered by our tutor hands on, so you can get a deeper understanding of the processes involved to consistently produce a high shine quality finish time after time, we’ll teach you how to handle the trowels and get a good feel for the product so no need to worry if you’ve not picked one up before.

This is a hands-on course due to the nature of the information being taught, you will receive the relevant theory to be taught alongside the practical component, delivered in a relaxed & friendly manner

Stucco Antico Veneziano Course

For those who have attended this course we will also be offering masterclasses & advanced training within this range at a later date, so if you’re keen to find out more than drop us an email to show your interest as places will fill up quickly


  • You don’t need any tools as we supply everything you need  during the course.
  • You also get a 10% discount when purchasing tools on the day.
  • You will be eligible for a 10% discount on products once you have completed a course (this is an ongoing discount)
  • Included on each course is a booklet with all information of what you have learnt, also included is a priceless and product information on all loggia products.
  • You take home all your boards to show potential customers