Riflesso Polished Plaster Course

This is the fine grain Marmorino product in our range which could also be known as venetian polished plaster or marble plaster, it is applied using a trowel then burnished & polished to create a high shine finish that is visually impressive, coming in a wide range of base colours.

The Best Polished Plaster Course

Over the course of two days on your way to becoming a Riflesso polished plaster specialist, you will get to learn about the art of application to achieve work that you’re proud of and please your customers who are looking for the high shine mirror finish on their walls and ceilings.

We’ll make sure that all aspects are covered including correct application techniques, what surfaces we can go over & how to prepare your substrates properly for a job that will last the test of time.

Our aim is to get your competence levels up to a point where you leave the studio having produced 3 good sample boards that can be used to show to your potential customers & help you secure work, naturally you’ll want to go home and continue practicing so you can increase your overall competence levels & become even more familiar with the product.

Polished Plaster Course Promoting Creativity

When attending the course you also get to complete some booth work & get experience on tackling surfaces that you’ll encounter in the real world, which gives you the taste for larger areas & is great for photo evidence you can use on social media or your website.

As your training provider our aim is for you to leave the studio with new found skills & knowledge to start you off in this exciting sector, if after leaving you have questions or require support we are here for you & want to help you progress through your journey.

Each step of the process is covered by our tutor hands on, so you can get a deeper understanding of the processes involved to consistently produce a high shine quality finish time after time, we’ll teach you how to handle the trowels and get a good feel for the product so no need to worry if you’ve not picked one up before.

This is largely a hands-on course due to the nature of the information being taught, you will receive applicable and relevant theory to be taught alongside the practical component, delivered in a relaxed & friendly manner

Venetian plaster

Learn the nature of how the products respond, what to look for when burnishing & methods to seal, wax and waterproof your decorative installations so they could be used in a wider array of areas

Specialising in this finish, which is the most challenging & labour intensive of the 3 Marmorinos, will give you the skills needed to create a name for yourself in the local area, due to the popularity of this particular finish we have seen many applicators train with us & go on to establish themselves within the market space.


  • You don’t need any tools as we supply everything you need  during the course.
  • You also get a 10% discount when purchasing tools on the day.
  • We supply refreshments on course days
  • You will be eligible for a 10% discount on products once you have completed a course (this is an ongoing discount)
  • Included on each course is a booklet with all information of what you have learnt, also included is a priceless and product information on all loggia products.
  • You take home all your boards to show potential customers

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