Textured Finishes course with Infinito

The Infinito specialist course is taught over 2 days, giving you plenty of time to work through the different finishes & application methods that we teach you so that you are able to walk away with the necessary skillset to tackle feature walls & surfaces using this coarse grain Marmorino product range.

You’ll get hands on in the booths as well as producing 6 boards to take away and showcase to your prospective customers, giving you different finishes & application methods that can be used with this extremely versatile product.

It is important to us as your training provider that you walk away after the two days with all the skills that can be used in the real-world application for your paying customers, during the course there is plenty of time to ask questions & we have ongoing support for our applicators once completed.

What its Infinito?

Infinito which is a coarse grain Marmorino. Coating of hydrated lime micronized, marble powder and silica sand, formulated with inorganic pigments, special additives and inert mineral fillers, it is certified as Eco friendly with a certification of A+

Giving you the data information needed to work out how much product you need for certain finishes wanting to achieve, and also what sealers can be used.

The name Infinito translates to “infinity of finishes” as this can be used in so many different surface designs as well as with other products, one of our personal favourites due to the versatility of using it in conjunction with other products to produce some truly magnificent installations.

You will learn how to create the best possible finish by starting with the foundation of substrates, primers so that you understand the correct methods to produce world class work that lasts for your customers.

Here you will be applying Infinito in a range of different textured finishes using only the best Marmorino tools incorporating their trowels that were designed for infinito, you will have the option to use the likes of the bamboo trowel, glyfo and fun Trowel all creating different patterns, which add depth and texture into your designs.

We will be showing you how to combine a range of other products to go on top to give you unique finishes, incorporating stencilling work and colour blending  techniques which is very popular with architectural/stone finishes. As well as other products to combine with Infinito.

Marmorino Tool logo
infinito with a decorative Venetian plaster
infinito finish on the course

Products we have chosen to use on the course being applied with the Infinito


subtle metallic product that has many different shades, can be applied on top of Infinito to give you a natural and contemporary finish, creating some nice eye catching /abstract designs.

Marmo liquido

Creates a semi-gloss finish which can be tinted to a specific colour you require. Gives a great dimension of stone and polished together, which can be used to colour wash or add in some variety to the overall design, particularly effective when combined with textured finishes that have added some depth.

Mica Flakes

These unique flakes are derived from  silicate minerals, called mica, which include muscovite, phlogopite, biotite, and clintonite. The mika flakes reflect the sunlight creating a subtle sparkle over the textured plaster and can be added to volare or infinito.

Infinito Carrara

Gives a smooth stone finish with shine, you need to compact the product whilst wet until it becomes shiny, you can also use an orbital sander once dry (next day) and go through the grades from 320 to 6000 trizact

You can add on top of infinito carrara the following- Dorotea, Diamond, marmo liquid, pietra focata

Mantra Metal

Coating based on synthetic binders, formulated with inorganic pigments, special additives and inert mineral fillers. With the addition of metal powders, it transforms each surface into a noble metal that the applicator can decorate according to his or her own creativity to obtain shiny and smooth material finishes in metal foil. Excellent resistance to UV rays and molds.

Pietra focata

Coating based on synthetic binders and marble powder, and special additives with mineral fillers. Gives a glossy material finish. Also can add metal with pieta focata to give that metal finish.

infinito textured finishes course

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